3:36 PM
Ototips.- Sebagai pemilik mobil kita wajib mengetahui cara atau prosedure merawat dan menjaga mobil kita. Apa tujuannya? Tujuan perawatan mobil yakni agar lebih awet dan tidak mudah rusak tentunya. Untuk melakukan perawatan memang bukan hal yang mudah apalagi bagi orang awam yang belum mengerti mengenai mesin. Oleh karena itu layanan service dibengkel baik resmi maupun bengkel non-resmi sangat membantu kita dalam hal perawatan kendaraan.
Mobil merupakan alat transportasi bermotor yang tentunya memiliki batas pemakaian komponen. Fungsi service dalam hal ini yakni untuk mengecek dan memastikan bahwa komponen-komponen didalam mobil itu layak digunakan.
Ada beberapa cara untuk melakukan perawatan mobil baik yang bisa anda lakukan sendiri ataupun perlu bantuan dari seorang teknisi atau mekanik. Jika sekedar perawatan ringan seperti pengecekan fluida (oli mesin, power steering, brake fluid), pengecekan air washer bisa anda lakukan sendiri. Tapi untuk perawatan berkala seperti pengecekan rem, pengecekan sistem EFI anda perlu bantuan teknisi atau mekanik karena pekerjaan seperti itu memerlukan skill dan alat khusus.

Secara umum, interval service mobil itu sekitar 10.000 KM. Tapi untuk mobil-mobil baru service pertama jatuh pada 1000 KM. Pada Posting kali ini akan kami bahas mengenai service berkala 40.000 Km, untuk lebih jelasnya silahkan saksikan video berikut ini:

Inilah Cara Mudah Menggunakan Intelligent Tachometer

11:39 AM
Cara setting karburator adalah mengatur jumlah campuran udara dan bensin di dalam karburator agar tercipta campuran yang ideal untuk pembakaran di dalam ruang bakar dengan cara mengatur ketinggian jarum skep dan pembukaan saluran udara. Yaitu dengan membuka atau mengendorkan sekrup penyetel udara. Penyetelan ini bertujuan untuk mendapatkan campuran udara dan bensin yang baik untuk dimasukkan ke dalam ruang bakar dan dibakar agar menghasilkan tenaga yang maksimal. Sebaiknya penyetelan atau setting karburator ini dilakukan setelah karburator dibersihkan terlebih dahulu.

5 Understanding Before Starting an Investment

3:30 PM
Investment is a very important thing for every individual with it we have a 'guarantee' in the future but we must remember that an investment is passive income means we can not immediately receive instant results. Investment also has a big enough risk because we have to choose which one is best for us in the future so as not to fail. some types of investment among others are short, medium and long term investment. But now people prefer to think long term investments in the hope that their old days can be used for many things such as children's education, business opening and so on. As already mentioned above this investment also has this risk is something that will always exist in every way an investment.

Therefore, to avoid the risk of excess need to know the basic principles of investment. For those of you who want to start investing must know a sentence "hard first just get results" so If we decide to invest means we must understand that some percent of the money we receive today is money for the next days. Also, Invest your funds into something you understand. In this investment you as a person who will invest your money would be afraid if your money disappeared in vain because you wrongly invest your money into something that you do not understand that can cause failure therefore make sure you understand and understand where your money will invested. There are also things you should be aware of and understand before starting an investment to get the best results among others.

1# Investment Objective
expecting a good profit in the future for our second investment as well as to curb inflation. If we do not invest our money / funds, then the value of our money will be smaller. Therefore to make an investment everyone would expect a good result of the inflation is running. So the conclusion is that the main purpose of investment is to earn profits in the future and anticipate inflationary pressures.

2# Investment Term
When talking about the length of time in the investment there are two long-term and short-term investments. If we want to start investing to buy a land next year then we can invest in the short term. While want to try to prepare for the needs in the old days later then we do is an investment in the long term. For the short term can use investments such as Deposits because these investments provide investment returns in the short term (less than 2 years). To expect better return on investment, then use long-term investments like the stock market.

3# Risk
"How can we know tomorrow the price of gold rises or falls, next week the price of gold rises or falls, next month the price of gold will rise or fall?" Meaning never know what we will gain or even a loss at the time of investment. So this is the intended risk, the greater the profit we want to achieve the greater the risk we will receive.

4# Liquidity
Liquidity is a convenience that can be converted into cash or easy to refinance. Liquidity should be in line with the objectives of an investment. If the purpose of your investment is to purchase a motorcycle then this liquidity is necessary because this liquidity is used for short-term investments. For example, deposits are more easily monetized or liquidated than land or property investments. Why is it like that? Because the value of financial assets more easily measured in accordance with the value already in the securities. But the value on real assets will be much more difficult to measure because people will bid on real assets sold so that there will be bargaining to find the right price.

5# Tax

Tax is a policy that needs to be considered in starting a government-regulated investment. The result of the investment we plant will be taxed not from the point but from the results we have invested. The tax for investment in Indonesia is also approximately 20%. Doing calculations and looking at the size of a tax before starting investment is the right thing. This means "an investor must know and think in advance how the tax from the profits that can be obtained from the investment and in comparison of the taxes that will be imposed on the investment results. This calculation will help an investor to think about the time of his investment whether the short-term or long term after seeing the net investment results after tax.

Potential Long-Term Investment

3:23 PM
Having a plan for investing is one of the important things you need to consider and immediately decide what investment you want to make.

Investing is one thing that is so useful for your future because a problem you do not know will happen in the future then investment can help you. For example, expenses that you did not expect to expect then you can close with your investment.

Risk is something that may happen whenever, wherever and for anyone. The risk itself is divided into namely:
1#   Speculative risk is a predictable or predictable risk
      2#  Pure risk is a sudden risk
Here we present 4 long term investments that you can choose:
# 1 Stock Investments
Stocks are securities that have considerable profit and loss potential. Stocks can also be used as evidence that a person or institution has a company. A company may also get funds from investors if it issues shares.

# 2 Mutual Funds (Mutual Funds)
Investment can be done indirectly through a mutual fund company. Mutual fund companies are in charge of raising funds from investors

This investment can only be done by people who have sufficient knowledge of this type of investment.

# 3 Pension Program Investment
An investor will get funds when it comes to retirement. The funds come from the results of the company's previous development. This investment also produces interest as well as saving in the bank, but interest in the bank is much smaller than the interest given from this investment.

The interest and profits provided by this pension plan investment depend on the size of the profits derived from an insurance company.

# 4 Gold Investment
Gold is one form of investment goods that are interesting enough in the community, because it is easily formed and the price is high enough.

Gold investment is one option that is quite profitable in addition to a fairly stable gold prices can be easily cashed whenever you want.

How to Extend Hair Longer

2:52 PM
Although pretty pixie style a la style Anne Hathaway had become the trend of recent years but until now still quite a lot of Indonesian women who long long hair long decayed. Crown women can indeed be one of the charm of their beauty, especially if allowed to grow long because it will make the concerned look beautiful and feminine. How to quickly lengthen hair can be tried if you want to make long and beautiful hair as shampoo advertising model on television in the not too long.

Olive oil
Olive oil is very effective as one of the fastest ways to lengthen hair in 1 week. Way, drip olive oil to taste on clean hair and scalp, massage gently to keep olive oil in the pores of the skin well. Allow the night and the next day wash the hair back to clean.

Green tea
Green tea has a high antioxidant content and serves as a protective hair from the bad effects of free radicals also facilitate blood circulation. Thus the hair growth will become faster and fertile. Ways:
Pour green tea leaves to taste in accordance with the length of your hair short;
Let stand overnight or until stale;

The next day use green tea to wash your hair as well as your scalp after washing your hair first.

Egg yolk-laden protein is not only healthy for our body but also useful to nourish hair while making long hair long. Use organic egg yolk or chicken eggs as natural creambath ingredients. Apply on your scalp and hair and then let stand for half an hour. Finally rinse hair until clean and no more fishy smell.

Apple skin
You may have heard that the most nutritious part of the apple is on the skin. The highest content of antioxidants and polyphenols is in the skin of the fruit, and you can use it as a material to care for your hair beauty as well as accelerate hair growth. ways:
  • Collect apple skin then blend with a blender with a little water added
  • Use this herb to grease the scalp until the ends of hair until evenly distributedLet stand for 20 or 30 minutes before rinsing thoroughly.
  • In order for nutrients in the apple skin can be absorbed perfect should wash your hair first.

Ways to whiten body skin naturally

2:40 PM
Having a soft and white body skin is a dream for everyone, especially women. However, there are some women who are not born with white skin. Moreover, Asian women who are mostly brown-skinned. But do not worry, this article will discuss on how to whiten body skin naturally.

4 Ways to whiten body skin naturally:

·       1. Yogurt
Yogurt is one of the natural ingredients that can be used to whiten the body. Not only that, the use of yogurt is believed to moisturize the skin, both face and body. If you want to whiten the skin on the face then use as a mask. However, if desired to whiten body skin then use as a scrub before bathing. Add honey to taste in yogurt to get maximum results. Then let stand until it dries about 10 minutes. This you can do regularly about 2 to 3 times a week.

·       2.Tomato
Tomato fruit can make skin look more natural white. However, the benefits are not yet maximal if not used with lime. How to whiten body skin with tomatoes is to smooth the tomatoes, can use a blender or grated. After that, add 3 drops of lemon and a little water. Stir the mixture evenly. Then apply on the face or body of the desired. Wait until it dries. Next rinse using cold water or can all shower.

·   3. Lime
Lime is known to contain vitamin C which can be useful to brighten the skin gradually. Many beauty products contain water or lemon juice. How to whiten skin with lemon is not difficult. Simply split the lime into two parts and then apply on the face or other desired body parts. Or it could be by squeezing the oranges first to produce water juice, then you can apply to the face or other limbs. For the beginning of use, may cause little pain, this is normal. If the use is often done then the pain will not appear again.

·      3. Lime and eggs
to maximize the benefits of whitening your skin with lemon, you can combine it with eggs. Mix the lime juice with the egg into the pan. Then heat the pan until the mixture of lime and eggs slightly thickened or solid, then wait until cool. Then you can use it for mask or scrub. Use it at least 2 times a day for 15 minutes. After that rinse and you can just take a shower.

Benefits of Lime and White Eggs

2:13 PM
Until now the stereotype of beautiful women for the people of word is a skin of white face smooth and free of acne. Thus, of course, many women who try different ways to whiten face from various modern treatments expensive or natural way for fear of side effects that may harm health. If you are including a woman who wants to have bright white facial skin in a natural way, you can try the efficacy of lemon and egg whites to whiten the face. 

Such is the recipe:
  •  Lime Mask

In addition to nutritious to brighten the face, how to whiten the face with lemon is also useful to make our skin stay tight and youthful, shed dirt that clog pores, and reduce acne is also blackheads. This is due to the antibacterial content present in the extract of lemon. 
Here is a recipe for making lime mask:
  • Prepare some fresh lime grains; wash and split into two parts.
  • Apply the part to the entire facial skin that has been cleaned
  • Let stand for 30 minutes for the nutrients in the lemon juice is absorbed perfectly on your skin
  • After half an hour rinse face with clean water and dry with a soft towel.
  • Do this treatment two or three times a week to get the effect as you wish.

  •  Egg White Mask

In addition to lime, you can also try to whiten the face with egg white which is actually a traditional treatment that has long been used by our ancestors. To treat the face of the best eggs you use is chicken eggs because it is more natural. Benefits of egg white mask, among others, brighten the skin, reduce excess oil on the face, remove blackheads and black spots on the skin.
How to make this mask is very easy:
  • Separate the chicken egg white from the yellow then shake until foamy
  • If your skin is normal you can add honey, while for dry skin add avocado that has been crushed, and for oily skin, the recommended supplement is lemon juice
  • Stir the mixture evenly then apply on face and neck
  • Let stand for 30 minutes then rinse the face until the rest of the mask is perfectly clean. Do not forget to clean face first before treatment.

Greats Ways to Overcome Dry Skin

1:55 PM
Skin health needs to be maintained well. Not only from the outside alone, but the skin also requires nutrients to be healthy. If the nutrients on the skin are not met and the absence of perwatan on the skin will cause your skin to dry. Body parts that are often encountered are on the feet and hands. Then consider how to overcome this dry skin:

Here are 7 Ways to Overcome Dry Skin:
  •  Honey

How to cope with dry skin on the feet and hands can be by applying honey that has a high vitamin and mineral content to the skin of dry feet and elbows. In addition, apparently by eating honey, it can also help overcome dry lips so you do not need to wear lip balm aka lip balm.
  • Drinking water

Other causes that can make the skin dry because you drink less water. And by drinking enough water to meet the needs of fluids in your body to make the skin moist.
  •     Reduce the bath

It turns out that the bath can also affect the skin's moisture level. Water and soap make the skin drier. So take enough time 2 times a day with sufficient time. And some beauty experts recommend using soap on the face, genital, and armpits. Or can also use a special soap for dry skin.
  •          Dry the body with plumping

Many people are still rubbing his body after bathing. But, should the habit be abandoned. Because rubbing using a towel will make the skin dry.
  •    .     Cucumber

In addition to the face, it turns out cucumber can also be useful for the skin of the feet and hands. First peeled and washed cucumbers until clean. Then puree using a blender or grate. After that apply on the desired body part.
  •    .     Lime

Lime is an ingredient that has many benefits for beauty. One is to moisturize the skin on the feet and hands. These benefits you can get easily. Simply split the lime into two parts. And you can apply it directly to your feet or hands.
  •   .     Banana

Another fruit that can be used as a way to overcome dry skin is a banana. The trick is quite easy. Blend the banana and apply on the dry skin. Let stand a few minutes until it dries. After that rinse with clean water.

Inilah Fitur Kenyamanan All New Terios

5:25 PM
Daihatsu All New Terios ini telah dilengkap fitur keselamatan berupa Anti Lock Break System (ABS) dan Electronic Brake force Distribution (EDB). Keduanya akan mengoptimalkan rem belakang yang masih tromol dan rem depan cakram pada Daihatsu All New Terios. Selain itu pada Daihatsu All New Terios juga tersedia Velg Alloy berukuran 17 inci dan ban berukuran 215/60 R17 untuk tipe R. Sedangkan untuk tipe X memakai Velg Alloy 16 inci dan ban berukuran 215/65 R16.

Lebih hebatnya lagi, Daihatsu All New Terios besutan PT. Astra Daihatsu ini telah dilengkapi fitur Hill Start Asisst (HSS), dengan Fitur ini berarti Daihatsu All New Terios tidak mundur saat berakselerasi di tanjakan. Lalu ada pula fitur Vehicle Stability Control (VSC) yang membuat kita bisa bermanuver lebih aman di tikungan pada kondisi jalanan licin serta tak ketinggalan pula Fitur Emergency Stop Signal (ESS) juga disematkan pada Daihatsu All New Terios, dan akan bekerja secara otomatis memberikan sinyal lampu hazard saat mengerem mendadak.

Lalu untuk fitur keamanan, All New Terios dilengkapi fitur Immobilizer dan Alarm yang akan mencegah tidak pencurian. Tidak ketinggalan fitur Dual SRS Airbag dan sabuk pengaman pada setiap baris kursi telah tersedia pada ruang kabin mobil ini. Selanjutnya untuk bagian suspensi, All New Terios memiliki suspensi depan dengan tipe McPherson Strut dengan Per Keong yang membuat kenyamanan berkendara selalu terjaga. Sedangkan suspensi belakangnya menggunakan 5 link, Rigid Axe dengan Per Keong. Kedua suspensinya telah dilenglapi Stabilizer, sehingga lebih empuk dan nyaman saat melewati berbagai medan jalan.

Demikian review dari segi fitur keselamatan dan kenyamanan All New Daihatsu Terios, semoga sedikit memberi gambaran bagi para pecinta otomotif sekalian.